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    1. [MDFR] History Moment - 2-1-20
    2. John Ashbury
    3. On February 1, 1899, Dr. A. Austin Pearre, Sr., a founder of the Frederick County Heart Association and a practicing physician in Frederick for more than 52 years, was born. He died July 21, 1979, at his Upper College Terrace home in Frederick and was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery. On February 1, 1904, the Walkersville Savings Bank opened for business with C. M. Thomas as president. On February 1, 1911, The Historical Society of Frederick County was incorporated. On February 1, 1916, The News, published by The Great Southern Printing and Manufacturing Company, purchased The Frederick Post. On February 1, 1955, Philip's Delight School, Frederick County's last one-room school for white students, closed. It was located in the Catoctin Mountains, six miles west of Thurmont. On February 1, 1960, Frederick Mayor Jacob R. Ramsburg announced that a gift from Dr. and Mrs. John T. King, Jr., of Baltimore, would allow the city to illuminate the city's famous "Clustered Spires." Mrs. King was the former Charlotte Baker, daughter of Holmes D. Baker, and granddaughter of "Frederick's First Citizen" - Joseph Dill Baker. If anyone can add information to these History Moments, or would like to suggest an item for another calendar day, please contact me privately. John W. Ashbury <>

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