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    3. Frederick Co, MD - (Equity in) Land Records - HS-23 599-609 - JAMISON, WILLEY, BOONE, LYNCH, WOOD, GARROTT, ORTMAN, EMMERT - 1838 JAMISON vs JAMISON Baker JAMISON d/ 1837, intestate d/ Ann JAMISON s/ Joshua JAMISON s/ Henry JAMISON d/ Teresa JAMISON d/ Susannah JAMISON d/ Mary Jane JAMISON d/ Catherine JAMISON, a minor (age 18) s/ Sylvester Baker JAMISON, a minor (age 14) LAND - parts of "Maryland Tract" and "Paynes Delight", 17+ acres, To Baker JAMISON from William M. BEALL, Esquire, Sheriff in Estate of John WILLEY in Sep 1821. - "Hawkins Merry Peep of Day" and "Paynes Delight" and "Merryland Tract", 12+ acres - "Society Island", 15+ acres, an island in the Potomac River, being 1/4 undivided part of estate of John WILLEY To Baker JAMISON from Thomas W. MORGAN, Esquire, Sheriff from Estate of John WILLEY (to him from Philip STRIDES) in Jun 1822. An 8-acre portion was condemned by an Inquisition by the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Company for their use in 1832. - "Society Island", 63 acres, 1/4 part (1/2 of Philip STRIDES' half), in Potomac River where the Canal and the Rail Road both intersect and a Depot is about to be established there. Previously to Jacob WALTMAN and Philip STRIDES by patent in May 1818 [JB-E, 178; also ref Deed JS-8, 418, STRIDES to JAMISON]. To Baker JAMISON, Lingan BOTELER, Hernry JARBOE and Joseph HARRIS from Philip STRIDES in Mar 1819. Guardian was Robert BOONE. On 16 Jan 1839, testimony was heard from: - Robert BOONE Trustee was Edward A. LYNCH. 1st Sale listed (without details) brought $973 2nd Sale - James E. WOOD for Lot #27 at $20.62 - James E. WOOD for Lot #33 at $14 - Barton GARROTT for Lot #34 at $14.37 - Thomas ORTMAN for Lot #35 at $30.37 - John ORTMAN for Lot #31 at $134 - Thomas EMMERT for Lot #32 at $600 - Thomas EMMERT for small unnumbered lot at $11.50 Total sales, $824.87. Distribution of $1,794.91; court costs, $157.57 - each 1/8 share to the children, $208.41. Closed 20 May 1841 === ====================================== MidMdRoots ======================================

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