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    3. -------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: [MDFR] TG-3, 329-352 - CORRELL, CRABBS, NULL, SPAULDING, RITTER, SMITH - Nov 1875 Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 01:20:04 -0400 From: Dorinda Shepley via MDFREDER <> To: Early Frederick Co, Maryland <> [MDFR] Frederick County, Maryland - Equity Court Abstracts - TG-3 329-352 - CORRELL, CRABBS, NULL, SPAULDING, RITTER, SMITH - Nov 1875 John Q. CORRELL & w/ Alice Jane of Baltimore County - Petition to Sell Real Estate Christian CORRELL d/ intestate widow - Mary E. s/ John Q. CORRELL & w/ Alice J. - Baltimore County d/ Lydia E. w/o John W. CRABBS - Carroll County d/ Frances L. w/o Abraham E. NULL - Carroll County LAND - (A) in Frederick and Carroll Counties, now a total of 153 acres, parts contiguous to each other; in Emmitsburg District, 5 miles from Taneytown, near Bridgeport. To Christian CORRELL from Jacob CORRELL (w/ Elizabeth) in Dec 1827. - "Spark's Delight", "William and Ann", "Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands", 200 acres; adjoining land of Leonard PAINTER and Frederick BLACK. Previously to Jacob CORRELL from John MEFFORD & w/ Catharine in 1793. Exception - 77 acres sold to Henry SPAULDING by Jacob CORRELL in 1797. - "Addition to Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 27 acres; from George LUTZE (to him from Christian NEUSWINGER). - "William and Ann", 1/2 acre. - "Spark's Delight", 2 1/2 acres. These to Jacob CORRELL from Jacob NEWMAN in 1794. In 1876, neighbors in Carroll County were: S. SMITH, George HITESHEW and William RHINEDOLLAR; in Frederick County, they were: James OHLER, John SLUSS and Adam BISON(?). Land was first quality red land, under good fencing, 61 acres wooded. Improvements were a large 2-story brick house with back building, a brick barn (84x47'); has a pump at the house and one near the barn. In section in Carroll County is a log barn with a pump in the yard and a log house in good repair. - (B) "Resurvey on Peach Blossom", 123 acres; located on the NW bank of the Monocacy River; adjoined land of George Adam OHLER and road to Baltimore. From Joseph DANNER, trustee of William CURRINS, dec'd, in Feb 1833. - (C) "Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 109 acres; located on road from Emmitsburg to Baltimore; adjoined land of Richard McDERMOTT, Lawrence BOWERS, George Adam OHLER and tract "Peach Blossom". To Christian CORRELL from Joseph DANNER & w/ Martha in Jun 1833. - (D) "William and Ann", "Addition to Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 30 acres; adjoins "Spark's Delight" and "Peach Blossom" and road from Taneytown to Emmitsburg. To Christian CORRELL from Francis SPALDING & w/ Elizabeth F. in April 1834. - (E) "Resurvey on Peach Blossom" and "Addition to Brook's Discovery on the Rich Lands", 125 acres; on southern edge of road from Emmitsburg to Taneytown. From Christian CORRELL & w/ Elizabeth to Francis SPAULDING in Apr 1834; (witnessed by James SMITH and James RODGERS). - (F) Tract, 1/2 acre ; located on west side of Monocacy River, adjoining the Turnpike from Westminster to Emmitsburg, lying on the north side. To Christian CORRELL from David LAMBERT & w/ Leah in Aug 1847. - (G) Tract in Bridgeport (near Emmitsburg). To Christian CORRELL from Isaac HYDER & w/ Catharine in Apr 1865. Previously to HYDER from John CLABAUGH & w/ Annie M. in Jan 1864 (JWLC-1, 116). - (H) "Retirement Corrected", 156 acres, in Carroll County (JBB-12, 67). To Christian CORRELL from John Joseph BAUMGARTNER, trustee in Equity case in Carroll County dated 3 Apr 1848 of Charles RECK & Others vs Henry RECK & Others; on 1 Mar 1851. Conveyance from Christian CORRELL & w/ Mary E. to daughter Frances L. & Abraham E. NULL for $5,000 in Oct 1870; however, monies were never meant to be paid, but was an advance of her share of estate. - (I) "Good Gift", 10 acre mountain lot; located 1 1/2 miles from Emmitsburg. Located on north side of hill, 'Carrick's Nob'. To Christian CORRELL from Samuel DUPHORN & w/ Maria and John DUPHORN in 1838. - (J) "Resurvey on Carolina", Lot #4, a 7 acre mountain lot near Emmitsburg (adjoining I) To Christian CORRELL from Francis J. HOOVER, as exec/of John HOOVER, in 1843. --- On 22 Dec 1875, Stephen SMITH testified the widow, Mary E. CORRELL, was about 48 years of age and her general health was good. Trustees were John Q. CORRELL of Baltimore County and John W. CRABBS and Abrtaham E. NULL of Carroll County. Sale was held 14 Sep 1876 on the premises of the late residence of the deceased in Emmitsburg District, near Bridgeport; high bidders were: - Absalom SMITH at $15,990.75 ($54/acre) for A & B above, 296 acres; adjoined lands of James OHLER, John SLUSS and Adam BOWERS. Also, a 2-story frame house and store house attached and a stable and well, in Bridgeport; and another lot in Bridgeport, with a log framed brick cased house with a blacksmith shop attached and a well. (no acreage provided for latter two) - Peter L. RITTER for I at $200 - Lydia E. CRABBS for J at $143.50 Total sales, $16,334.25. Distribution: court costs, $1,082.58 - Mary E. CORRELL, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $1,906.46 - John CORRELL, 1/3, $6,115.07 - Lydia E. CRABBS, 1/3, $6,115.07 - Frances S. NULL, 1/3, less value of the land advanced to her, $6,115.07 - $5,000 = $1,115.07 Closed 8 Nov 1876. ====================================== ======================================

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