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    1. [MCREYNOLDS] Rootsweb Update
    2. Lisa Johnstone
    3. Hi everyone, Rootsweb lists are back on line and are working. They are still completing some of the archives so that will take longer. The upgrade includes a completely new interface. Also, if you have not re-registered your account after March 1st, you will need to do this. Your email address is still in the system, your password is not. If you re-register with the email address you previously used, you will not have to resubscribe to your lists as they all transfered with the new system. The only thing that did not is your password which is why you have to re-register. Please read the help pages here: http://home.rootsweb.ancestry. com/listindexes/listsHelp Thanks and have a great weekend! Lisa Johnstone List Admin

    04/07/2018 07:09:27