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    1. [MCREYNOLDS] Closing of unused lists
    2. Lisa Johnstone
    3. Hello everyone, I am sure you have notice by now that all the Rootsweb boards and lists have transitioned and have been completed. During the transitions, some of the boards/lists were down and not sure how many we are back up and running. However, starting last week, non active boards/lists are being shut down/closed due to inactivity. If you wish to have these boards and lists remain, please write to the boards/lists with your questions, what you are working on, if you are available to help others with the same or related surnames, etc. and continue to do so. Without the participation of the members, our lists will be closed. I have previously linked the boards of the same surname to their respective lists. I share those with the lists as not everyone on the boards are members and could have some information someone is looking for. I know everyone is busy with family, jobs, etc but please consider writing in every once in a while. It will help keep the list open and available. Have a great evening! Lisa Johnstone List Admin

    03/05/2019 03:28:08