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    1. [Mazzoni-Italian] Mazzone/Mazzoni Chester/Rhyl UK
    2. Claire Eldred
    3. Trying to find information on the Mazzoni/Mazzone family from Chester-Rhyl-Birkenhead-Liverpool and other areas of Cheshire and North Wales. This family was linked to the Gizzi and the Deponio families of the same areas. 1902 Deponio/Bianco Marriage in Chester 1909 Mazzone/Gizzi marriage in Chester 1912 Deponio/Gentile marriage in Chester 1883 Ponda/Mazzo marriage in Cardiff. The union of Ponda and Mazzo both changed their names. 1883 known as Ponda 1901 known as Ponty 1902 known as D'ponio 1883 known as Mazzo 1901 known as Marco 1912 known as Mazzoni Francesca Ponda and Antonio Mazzo had children. All of them called Marco on the 1901 census. most registered at birth as Marco. Two eldest sons were Marco on census, but registered with a different mother and surname Pond at birth. later found living with this family as SON'S. mother of children possibly deceased and they were sent to live with this family. As all of the other children of the union went on to be known as Mazzoni's or Mazzone's (depending on which documents you read) think there must be someone out there who knew the origins of this family. Last known in Birkenhead, Rhyl, Chester and Surrounding areas. Anyone with information about Mazzone's and or Mazzoni's from these times 1880 - 1960 please let me know as I would dearly like to work out what went on for them to change there names 4 times on last count! anyone knowing of GIZZI's and DEPONIO's very welcome also. thanks a lot Claire Eldred me

    08/16/2003 11:31:49