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    1. [LDR] John C. Lyon
    2. Maryellen Horrigan
    3. Thank you for this notice. John was helpful, thorough in his work, and generous with his time. He was my hero. I had some difficulty in my early days on this list with a lady who felt the need to always shoot me down. Sure enough, John would come rumbling out of his deep factual knowledge and either back me up, or compliment my novel thinking. He was a guardian when I needed it. He always took the time to steer you toward a solution, or dig deeply and find one for you. If he disagreed with something you stated, he always asked why and how you got there, and always privately. Chivalry and charm. I often teased…if I wasn’t a happily married woman….. He is a loss. Maryellen

    10/27/2018 04:31:12