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    1. [LOST in the UK] ADMIN: Gatewayed messages
    2. Lynne via
    3. Hello all List mail has been scarce, not only because subscribers haven't posted much, but also because posts gatewayed from the message board have not been arriving on the list. As most of you know, RootsWeb is supported by Ancestry. Someone on Ancestry's technical staff decided unilaterally and without discussion with or notice to list administrators to change the address from which gatewayed message board posts are sent and also decided to send the message board posts in HTML. This has caused considerable problems, the result of which message board posts cannot be delivered to the list. The Help Desk is aware of the problem and "don't have an exact time frame on when this issue will be resolved." They also suggest that "if you would like to leave formal feedback you may do so here:" Since there have been technical problems with the message boards that remain unfixed for well over a year, I don't think this newest problem will be remedied any time soon. That the problem is listed as an issue on the Help Desk page does hearten me somewhat. If you miss seeing the message board posts in list mail, please let your feelings be known by contacting the Help Desk via and by leaving feedback at Best wishes, Lynne list admin.

    04/24/2015 02:52:29