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    1. [LO] Re: Boards-Admins Migration?
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello Peter Please clarify. Do you want to admin the board? Is it available to adopt? If there's no "Volunteer to Admin" on the page, it's not available. If it's a topic/locality/surname that's of interest to you and it's available to adopt, click on the Volunteer to Admin and you'll be notified if you're chosen. Here's what a board admin's duties are: <> As a board admin you'll check posts on the board to make sure they're on topic and adhere to community standards and board rules. You will fmove off-topic posts to boards where they are on topic, delete spam or commercial messages, edit surname fields and classifications, and answer posts if you have the information. There's a board administrators' board and, on, a board administrators' mailing list that you can turn to for help and advice. Hope that helps! Lynne Peter J. Richardson wrote: > >I am admin of a rootsweb list for another four days but have never attempted >to admin the associated board and do not know how to do so. Presumably with >four days left until March 2nd there is little point in seeking to find out >now? I have ignored the invite up till now because I did not think I >administered a board but perhaps I should accept it? Is it relevant any more >now that we have moved to > >Regards >Peter

    02/27/2020 02:29:29