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    1. [LAMBOURNE] Search for Photo of Thomas Henry Lambourne (1896-1923, Poplar, London)
    2. This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Author: t_lambourne98 Surnames: Lambourne, Kempson, Foster Classification: queries Message Board URL: Message Board Post: Thomas Henry Lambourne Enquiry Hello! I am researching Thomas Henry Lambourne, who is my Grandfather's father. He died when my Grandpa, his only son, was only 1 year old, and when his mother remarried, all records of T H Lambourne were destroyed. My Grandpa is now 91, and it has been a great and painful mystery in his life, not knowing very much about his father. I have the following details about Thomas Henry Lambourne (THL) Born 29 Nov 1896 in Poplar, Middlesex, London, died 7 April 1923 in Islington, Middlesex, London. Mother Annie Elizabeth Kempson and father Thomas Lambourne Parents: Thomas Lambourne (1868-1901) was a horsekeeper/ostler who died aged 33 in 1901 in Holborn, London which is also where he was born. His father was William Lambourn, a blacksmith/farrier. Annie Elizabeth Kempson is difficult to locate prior to her marriage. On her marriage certificate, she lists her father as William, an engineer. After her first husband passed away, she remarried in 1903, to William Thomas Foster, a tie manufacturer. In the 1911 census, Annie lists her 4 youngest children with their stepfather's surname. I cannot find her date of death nor probate, but she was still alive in early 1930s. Marriage: Thomas Henry Lambourne married Rose Elena Francis Kirtland on 30 Jan 1921. On his marriage certificate, THL gave his true father's name, but allocates to him his stepfather's profession (tie cutter). Their only child, my Grandpa Kenneth Edwin Dennis Lambourne, was born on 28 May 1922. Siblings: The siblings of THL are fairly well documented for their early years, however I have less information on their later years. They are all born in Poplar or the Clerkenwell area. Annie Elizabeth Lambourne, 1890-?. Married Robert Harry Maynard in 1909, and had at least 2 children, showing as 'H Maynard' and 'A T Maynard' in the 1911 Census. Emily Elizabeth Lambourne, 1892-1974. Married Frederick George Edward Heath in 1915. Ethel May Lambourne, 1894-1963. Unmarried. Samuel Alfred George Lambourne 1899-1957. Married Lilian Ashworth in 1941 (may not have been 1st marriage?) There were three children who died as babies: Maud Elizabeth Lambourne (1895-96), Alfred Harold Lambourne (1900-02) and Algernon John Lambourne (1901-02) My Grandpa remembers meeting some of his aunts and uncle/s on at least one occasion, and says he saw a photo with three men in World War 1 soldier uniforms, sitting and standing, and that he was told that one of them was his father. He met his grandmother (Annie Elizabeth Kempson (turned Lambourne, turned Foster) once, but she told him to go away as she had disapproved of THL's marriage. Grandpa also believes his father was in the king's horse in WW1 - I can't determine whether this was the King Edward's Horse regiment or another Royal Horse type regiment. I'm also not sure where THL went during the war, other than that he was poisoned by mustard gas, which is why he died so soon after the end of the war. Due to the 60-70% of WW1 records that were destroyed in WW2 bombing, it is difficult to determine which regiment he fought for. My Grandpa is now very frail and not so well at age 92, so I am desperate to try to find a photo of his father (THL) or some form of family portrait. It would only be for personal use, and would not be made public. Please contact me if you can add any information to the above, if you have any suggestions of who I could contact in my search for a photo of Thomas Henry Lambourne, or if you have a photo I can show my Grandpa of his real father. Thankyou, Tess Lambourne Important Note: The author of this message may not be subscribed to this list. If you would like to reply to them, please click on the Message Board URL link above and respond on the board.

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