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    1. [LAIBERIA] "Long Journey Home: The Ancestry of the Bret, Coco, Drapeau, Goudeau, Gremillon and Tassin Families in France"
    2. Cathy Sturgell
    3. I’d like to announce the publication of my book entitled "LONG JOURNEY HOME: The Ancestry of the Bret(Brette), Coco, Drapeau, Goudeau, Gremillon and Tassin Families in France.” I hope that it may be of interest to some of you with ties to colonial Louisiana. This book is the culmination of many years of tedious research in the Catholic sacramental records of France. “Long Journey Home” provides a long-awaited addition to many Louisiana, Gulf Coast and colonial Illinois family trees by bringing forth newly discovered, never-before published and fully documented DIRECT lineages of these six families in France. Included in the book is 175 years of the ancestry of Louisiana progenitor, Dominique Coco, in his native Italy (now France). You’ll discover the actual town in which he was baptized, the true spelling of his surname and the real names of his parents as nine generations of his ancestry is unveiled. It also contains eight generations (also spanning about 175 years) of Louis Gremillon’s ancestry beginning with his 1714 baptism in Courcival (Sarthe). You will also learn about the connection between this family and the Normand family of Igé (Orne) in France. The book also reveals the previously unknown parents of early Mobile settlers Louis Bret (Brette) and his wife, Elizabeth Roy, and provides baptismal records of their children – several of whom were married in Mobile as well as their daughter, Perrine Bret, who settled in Pointe Coupee Parish (Louisiana) after marrying Nicolas de la Cour in 1726. The book provides new details about the lineage of Michel Charles Goudeau, 18th century surgeon to the King in the French settlements of Mobile, the Illinois territory and Louisiana, beginning with his 1713 baptism in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) and including several new generations in the line of his mother, Marie Anne Dergny. In addition to the discovery of multiple generations of the Antoine Drapeau and Joseph Tassin families, this book also contains fascinating details uncovered about the ‘occupation’ of our direct Tassin ancestor - Marie Le Roy – and how this occupation may have played a role in her death as well as the death of several of her young children. Each chapter in the 174-page book begins with the Louisiana progenitor of one of these families and contains copies of the sacramental records used to establish lineage. The book is self-published. If you’re interested in ordering the book, please see my website: If you have have any questions, please email me at: Facebook Page: Also, if you know any one who may be interested, I’d appreciate it if you’d pass this on. Thanks so much...... Cathy

    10/08/2012 10:19:30