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    1. [LA-TX] Chilean Immigration to New Orleans
    2. kiaprovo
    3. Hello my name is Kia Provò Bradley. I wanted to know if anyone has more details about Roberto Taulis Provò? He came from Chile to New Orleans during the immigration period in the 1900's. My family came from Abbeville, New Iberia, and Avery Island, Louisiana. I wanted to know if they have a connection with my great grandpa Landry Provòst/Provò's siblings. Their names were Inez, Satirena, Rena, Isiel, Rosetta, Avery, Alzea, Alvice, and Lizzie. Sent via the LG Nitro™ HD, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

    12/02/2012 12:06:21