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    1. [LA-ROLLCALL] David Johns(t)on ** c. 1791-1852
    2. Tami Johnston
    3. Hi List: I was wondering if their was a riverboat pilot association in the early 1800s in Georgia. My David Johns(t)on, b. 1791 was a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi River when he lived in Plaquemines Parish, LA in the late 1830's to his death in 1852. He was a member of the Pilots Benevolent Association during this time. Does anyone know if records of riverboat pilots were kept in Georgia? David has been a brickwall now for well over 15 years. I cannot go back any further then him. His will states that he was born in Wilkinson Co., Georgia, but I know that Wilkinson didn't become a county until the early 1800s. I know he was married to Hanna Frederika Hoffman in 1840 in Louisiana. They had one son in 1841, Alexander Henry Johnston. David was more than likely married before Hanna given the age difference between David & Hanna. If anyone has any suggestions to find answers on my David, I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks! Tami Johnston - New Orleans, LA

    03/19/2012 07:44:55