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    1. [LA-ROLLCALL] David Johns(t)on ** c. 1791-1852
    2. Tami Johnston
    3. Hi List: I was wondering if their was a riverboat pilot association in the early 1800s in Georgia. My David Johns(t)on, b. 1791 was a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi River when he lived in Plaquemines Parish, LA in the late 1830's to his death in 1852. He was a member of the Pilots Benevolent Association during this time. Does anyone know if records of riverboat pilots were kept in Georgia? David has been a brickwall now for well over 15 years. I cannot go back any further then him. His will states that he was born in Wilkinson Co., Georgia, but I know that Wilkinson didn't become a county until the early 1800s. I know he was married to Hanna Frederika Hoffman in 1840 in Louisiana. They had one son in 1841, Alexander Henry Johnston. David was more than likely married before Hanna given the age difference between David & Hanna. If anyone has any suggestions to find answers on my David, I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks! Tami Johnston - New Orleans, LA

    03/19/2012 07:44:55
    1. [LA-ROLLCALL] LA surname Bolian
    2. Hello all i have just signed up for this list. I am trying to help my brother in law to find his family. He never knew h is dads paternal side, he ddi not even know his dad. I found his dad in Slidel La, in the 1930 census. I already had social secuirty application in my hands, so know who his grand parents are. Researching: Charles P. Bolian born 19 Feb 1911 Slidel, La. He had 2 brothers and a sister.. names are John, Eugene, and Rheta (female)... Charles parents were Fred Bolian and Camille Greff. Fred was born in Mississippi abt 1873. Is there a mailing list for Slidell? Hope you all have a great day debbie tyler, tx **************New news. Be the first to know what is making headlines. (

    01/13/2009 05:22:46
    1. obits~New Orleans Death Records: New Orleans Death Notices Online
    2. Alice Chauvin SWAMPQUEEN
    3. New Orleans Death Records:Online:

    03/30/2006 05:39:57
    1. obits~New Orleans & other towns
    2. Alice Chauvin SWAMPQUEEN
    3. obits~New Orleans & other towns New Orleans Death Records: Search New Orleans Death Notices Online:

    03/29/2006 03:45:32
    1. William Seymore Lucas ( Lutze )
    2. Need info. on william seymore luca- lutze- Lincoln CO. , Pike CO., MS. Prob. Beat 3 Married to Sarah Caroline Coon, Whose parents were Edward Zacharia Taylor Coon & Jane Mason, also fro the same area. Mid-1800`s. They moved to LA. at some point, prob.1900' or so when Sarah died and william married Dolly Brister. William & Sarah were my Mothers` parents. Also, would like to know where Where Jane Mason came from. Thanks for any replies. Bert Sawyer [email protected]_ (mailto:[email protected])

    02/28/2006 05:49:47
    2. Does anyone else have these surnames in their tree? My ancestors came as early as 1897 from Sambuca...and cousins came earlier than that. Any help would be appreciated. Jo-Ann GIACONE Seitzinger

    10/27/2004 05:25:25
    1. Early Pictures of Louisiana Town
    2. I am writing and it takes place in my home town, Waterproof, Louisiana. If anyone has pictures of places in the town, such as, Mcgehee Drugstore, Louis Preis Store, Old Movie Theater, Plantation Homes, etc., and would like to contribute them, please respond. I was able to obtain a picture of The Hunters General store from LSU. Any help would be appreciated Louise

    10/26/2004 03:21:51
    1. Latham/Owens/Ivins
    2. Vera
    3. Does anyone have any information on my grandfather, Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) Latham. Born 1882 in Hughes Springs, Cass County, Texas. Parents, William and Frances (Fannie) Givens Latham. Second wife Martha (Allie) Bridges Latham. Married Ruby Ella Owens Latham app.1911 and lived in the country outside of Vivian, Louisiana. Ruby Ella Owens parents, Conrad and Ella Ivins Latham. I cannot find anything on Thomas Jefferson Latham after the 1920 census. He left my grandmother when the children were very young. Would appreciate anything on these family lines. I have hit the famous brick wall. VPowell/Denney [email protected]

    10/23/2004 05:25:59
    2. GIACONE family immigrated from Sambuca di Sicilia in 1890s to New Orleans and settled near Hammond for several years; they then headed North to Chicago and Rockford, IL. Anyone researching this surname? JO-ANN GIACONE SEITZINGER

    09/20/2003 05:13:43
    2. SwampQueen CHAUVIN
    3. ~ Take time to laugh, for it is the music of the soul. ~

    09/20/2003 04:44:53
    1. [LA-ROLLCALL] Re: 1721 census louisiana
    2. SwampQueen CHAUVIN
    3. ~ Take time to laugh, for it is the music of the soul. ~

    09/20/2003 04:39:45
    2. SwampQueen CHAUVIN
    3. Thanks, alice ~ Take time to laugh, for it is the music of the soul. ~

    09/20/2003 04:25:26
    2. SwampQueen CHAUVIN
    3. WHAT I FOUND: > 1. Ancestry Message Boards - Message [ Acadian-Cajun ] ... new e-mail for <[email protected]> ? Author: Paul LeBlanc, Date: 24 Jul 2002 6:21 PM GMT. Classification: Query. ... - Cached 2. Ancestry Message Boards [ Acadian-Cajun ] ... 2/1806 : William Richard -- 18 Aug 2002; new e-mail for <[email protected]> ? : Paul LeBlanc -- 24 Jul 2002; German-Acadian ... - Cached 3. Yahoo! Groups : genealogyinforesearchcenter Messages : Message ... ... Updated: Sat Aug 25 17:49:34 2001 Contact: Unknown <[email protected]> - Index ... - Cached 4. Ancestry Message Boards [ Acadian-Cajun ] ... Pierre Richard ( b.1730, Malpaque, m. 1752, d.5/2/1806 : William Richard -- 18 Aug 2002; new e-mail for <[email protected]> ? ... - Cached 5. List of Requested Lookups ... godparents. What I am try to find is the person who put the name on fish. The submitte of there names is [email protected] I ... - Cached 6. Desc of Claude Prunier: Eighth Generation ... years of age. - [email protected] Children George ... - Cached 7. Sources ... Sources Index. Source S10 Title: surname search, Compiler Address: [email protected] Abbrev.: rootsweb search Sources Index. Source S11 ... - Cached 8. AMERICAN FAMILY OF BLAIS - Research Sources ... Family line of Ken Blais, email [email protected] 196. database file, email: [email protected] 197. Ancestry ... - Cached ~ Take time to laugh, for it is the music of the soul. ~

    09/19/2003 09:42:55
    2. SwampQueen CHAUVIN
    3. MOHAMMEDNAHOR [email protected] Have any of you been able to correspond with this guy? i see many have visited his site. and located ancestors there.. for when i searched for his name, i found many Acadian / Cajuns who have visited his site. weird, as there's never been a peep out of him? at least to my knowlege.......alice ~ Take time to laugh, for it is the music of the soul. ~

    09/19/2003 08:08:26
    1. [LA-ROLLCALL] Place Search!!:)
    2. SwampQueen CHAUVIN
    3. "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."

    09/16/2003 02:45:30
    1. [LA-ROLLCALL] Admin FYI post---Southerngenealogy Channel on Rootsweb's IRC server
    2. Marie Beckman
    3. This post is FYI please direct any additional questions or comments to [email protected] rather than posting to the list. --MarieB ==================================== Those of you who use IRC(Internet Chat Relay) are invited to join us in the #southerngenealogy channel at Please bookmark so that you will have it in case you forget the location of the channel. If you would like to know more about IRC or IRC at Rootsweb You can find more info at IRC Channels on the Rootsweb Server IRC for Beginners

    06/02/2003 04:14:42
    1. [LA-ROLLCALL] PERCLE--Westwego Louisiana
    2. Marie Beckman
    3. I have a picture of my father which was taken while he was in the service in Korea probably around1952. In the picture along with my Dad is another service man by the name of Irby PERCLE. My father believes that Irby was from Westwego Louisiana. The people in the picture from left to right are-- Billy Joe COOKE, _______ MILLER(1st name possibly Ralph) and Irby PERCLE. If anyone is interested I have scanned the picture and put it online at Please note that web address is long and you will probably have to copy and paste it into your browser address Thanks --Marie Beckman

    05/25/2003 04:42:42
    1. [LA-ROLLCALL] Schiro/New Orleans Directory
    2. Ronnie Smith
    3. Searching for a Joseph and/or Linda Schiro in a N.O. directory for 1947 and 1948. Thanks, Melanie Fallo-Smith

    03/18/2003 10:38:33
    2. Hi: I'm new to the list but would like to share my information on the GIACONE family who emigrated through New Orleans from 1897 forward finally settling in Louisiana, Chicago and Rockford, IL. JO-ANN GIACONE SEITZINGER

    03/09/2003 05:03:56
    1. [LA-ROLLCALL] *New* PBS Series Looking for History
    2. Jorge Aguirre
    3. "History Detectives" is a new PBS series about the discovery, documentation and preservation of historic American buildings, artifacts, heirlooms. We are looking for "undiscovered treasures" in the Louisiana area. - Historic homes and other buildings whose rich past may not fully be known by an owner. - Family heirlooms with an unknown, or only partially known past - Artifacts discovered in the attic whose history is unclear If you, a friend or neighbor have a home, building, or object that you think fits this description, please contact Jorge Aguirre at Lion Television: [email protected] Many thanks, Jorge Aguirre

    02/25/2003 03:13:26