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    1. [LA-OBITUARIES] Mary Cane
    2. B Langston
    3. Hi there, I'm trying to find the obituary and/or any kind of image of my g.g.g. grandmother, Mary Cane. She was at one time called "The Mother of Shreveport," and she and her father Samuel Bennett, and her 1st husband William Bennett, and her 2nd husband James Cane, founded Bossier City (then Cane's Landing) and Shreveport (they are they of the State Historical Marker in Shreveport by the Red River noting the place of the Cane-Bennett Trading Post). I have a lot of history on her, but no likeness or picture. Local historians and the University are also looking for a picture of her -- we all have been for years. I'm trying to get the word out that we're searching, and maybe SOMEBODY will have a lead or clue on an attic full of old pictures which might contain something helpful. She came to Louisiana in the late 1820's, and died in Shreveport in 1902. ANY help you could provide will be so appreciated, and you, or whoever finds anything would be immortalized with your name as the finder of her image. Thank you for anything you are able to do, Sincerely, Barbara Langston

    01/31/2007 02:56:40