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    3. Hi my name is Cleo Smith and I am researching the Elder Frank Bolton ( 1843/1917 ) and his wife, Elizabeth ( Grant ) Bolton ( 1846/1925 ) He was the son of John and Mary Ann Bolton. She was the daughter of Stephan Grant and Celina Armand. The Bolton Family were members of the Walnut Hill Baptist Church Prior to 1872. Frank Bolton was the brother of Mary Jane Bolton ( Owen ) who was my ( Louis Smith ) Great Grandmother. She married Cisneros Owen, and was the mother of Nettie Owen and Nettie Owen is my Grandmother I see that Pearl Cooley submitted A picture of them. My brother found it in Vernon Parish ( Leesville ) archives I would like to no if you have any thing more you can tell me about them. They look like Indians to me do you on if they are or not or do you no there race? Thank You Cleo My email is [email protected]

    07/03/2005 05:08:06