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    3. UPDATED Jan 30 1920 T265 roll 1478 page 151 OKERRIAH TWP, OKFUSKEE CO OK Walter Overstreet 25 born in Texas mulatto Farmer folks born in US Minnie 32 born in OK as was her mother her father was born in Texas black CLARENCE 5 OK WALTER 1year and 5 months OK children Mulatto ------ May 17 1910 T624 1265 126 BOLEY TWP ,OKFUSKEE CO OK This one is hard to read Overstreet Eliza age 59 Widow Mulatto she gave birth to 10 children /7 are living She was born in Missoui as was her mother but her father was of Kentucky. all children born in Texas father was born in VA son who is a widow 31 General farmer George is 20 works on home farm Walter age 16 works on home farm Elizabeth 23 Grandaugher Mary age 6 -------------------------- July 3 1900 T623 1643 323 J P 7 Harrison Texas Eliza Widow 47 born July 1852 in Missouri her parents were fron Tenn. All children born in Texas all are black she lost 4 children Thomas H 19 Oct 1880 Willie F 18 daughter June 1881 Elzabeth 14 May 1886 George 11 March 1889 Walter 8 Oct 1891 ------------------------------- T9 1309 282D June 5 1880 Pr 3 Harrison Texas Charles Overstreet age 52 black born in Missippissi and so were his folks Eliza 28 she is Mulatto born In Missouri and her folks were born in Tenn. Children born in Texas and Mulatto Ella 11 Jesse 7 Banks 1 this is an odd name could also be ancestor surname? -------------- Page before there is another Elizabeth OVERSTREET age 60 black born in NC living with her daughter Emeline Turner age 28 wife of Frank Turner ------ -------- ------------------------------- July 13 1870 M593 1590 74 Pr 3 Marshall PA Harrison Texas All born in Missippissi Charles Overstreet age 50 black born in Missippissi Farm hand=1820 about birth year Liza 50 born in Missippissi Amos 16 Miss Charity 13 Miss --------------- -------- .August 31 1870 Hallsville Harrison Texas Charles OVERSTREET age 27 black farm hand born in Texas Charlotte 37 LA black Mary Ann 16 LA Farm Hand black ----- I am researching the Overstreet family that originated from Alabama, moved to Harris County, TX, then to Okfuskee County, OK. *Walter Overstreet (wife named Minnie) Okemah, Okfuskee, OK Approx. birth year: 1905 State born: Alabama *Walter Overstreet ED: 150 Page: 7B Born 1895? Age: 25 Wife: Minnie Born: 1884 Birthplace: Texas Race: Mulatto Township: Okemah, OK __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around

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