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    1. Re: [LA-LGHS] Marriage Records - Southwest Louisiana - Acadian
    2. Paul L LeBlanc
    3. This is the address. genealogy is near the bottom. They do certificates. Is it also possible to get a copy of original register page? -----Original Message----- From: Pat Snyder [email protected] Good Morning all, For the obtaining of a record from the St Martinville Church, which by the way is St Martin De Tours, you must go the the website entitled "St Lucy's Festival". Once there click on Genealogy. A for comes up, and you should print it out and complete it. Then send it to the designated address and they will send you the appropriate documents. I forget the fee, but it is on the website. The reason for this is that the work is done by an elderly volunteer who only works one day a week. Hope this helps. Pat Snyder [email protected]

    11/27/2012 01:24:20