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    1. [LA-FRENCH-GERMAN] John Campbell, 4th son of Neil Campbell, Tacksman of Sunipol; wife Annette Sophia BREARD; dau of Alexander BREARD
    2. Andrew via
    3. Hello all, To introduce my no. 1 “MOST WANTED” subject, I quote a family death notice posted in Jan 1846: “At Monroe, Louisiana, lately, JOHN CAMPBELL Esq. merchant there, fourth son of Neil Campbell, Esq. late of Sunipole, Argyleshire.” John CAMPBELL was bapt. at Sunipol, Isle of Mull on 14 Mar 1803. Based on our family research, this John Campbell most likely married Annette Sophia BREARD in 1835 at Ouachita Parish, Louisiana and had two daughters, Paulina Mary Colina CAMPBELL (married Isaac T. BASS, subsequently deceased, and then married George Washington MCFEE) and Louisa A CAMPBELL (married William Henry SALSBURY). Based on information in trees I’ve seen out there; there are living descendants of both, most focussed around the Louisiana state of the US. Annette Sophie BREARD was dau. to Jean-Louis Alexandre "Alexander" BREARD, born 8 Jun 1762 at Rochfort, France and her mother was Charlotte RACINE, born 29 Nov 1781, Neuf Chatel, Switzerland. Some names associated with Paulina’s family by blood or marriage are: MCFEE / Clifton Ellis BYRD / Gen. Joseph Alsop REDDING / NADLER / LEE / Maj. Frank Cayce LEE / ALLEN / BARRINGER / JONES. Names associated with Louisa CAMPBELL are: William Henry SALSBURY / Floyd Lazarre SALSBURY / HAMILTON / WHEELIS / CROWELL / BARKETT / FULLER. In one tree, apparently based on family papers in the owner’s possession, I see the full connection to this John CAMPBELL, and his parents are correctly identified, as his brother, Donald Sr and his family. Most other members of this family went to Australia from 1820, and to New Zealand. So, this is a call to anyone who recognizes or is researching these families to come forward. I would particularly like to prove up the relationship between John CAMPBELL and Annette Sophie BREARD. I do have a copy of their marriage certificate, but unfortunately, the information is not adequate to identify John CAMPBELL’s origins. Thank you for your help. Andrew Campbell (an Australian living in Paris, France)

    01/19/2015 10:44:07