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    2. Eula
    3. Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:40 PM Subject: [AcadianResearch] Fw: 1949 clip; The Pirogue Maker Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 12:16 PM Subject: 1949 clip; The Pirogue Maker This might be easier to read. Man......... this is neat... DP Short film made in the swamp country of South Louisiana in 1949. Shows Cajun craftsman making a pirogue the "old way". Hewn out of a Cyprus log by hand. No power tools. Probably the last pirogue made this way. Note the serving of Cajun coffee in demitasse' cups with tiny spoons. It's a tradition down here that still endures. If you haven't ever had it look out. Made in ole time "drip pots". Most of it is sweetened in the pot. It's thick as motor oil and super sweet. **The areas along the bayou and the people looked much the same when I started working the oil patch down here in 1957. A lot of the time I had to have an interpreter with me so I could communicate with the guys I worked with in the oil field. Just about everybody was Cajun French. A lot of the older guys couldn't (or wouldn't) speak English. One fellow I became great friends with always claimed he couldn't read or write. So I always did his paperwork and reports for him. But..... he would read the newspaper every morning while I did his reports. These guys were great workers. Step back in time. Check out the video below; ___________________________________,188 Nice vintage film pertaining to the old art of carving out the Cajun pirogue. Original format: 35mm, 1949, B&W, 14 minutes. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] __._,_.___ Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post | Start a New Topic Messages in this topic (1) Recent Activity: Visit Your Group MARKETPLACE Stay on top of your group activity without leaving the page you're on - Get the Yahoo! Toolbar now. Switch to: Text-Only, Daily Digest . Unsubscribe . Terms of Use. __,_._,___

    12/01/2011 04:56:47