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    1. [LA-FREEDMEN] Researching slave ancestry
    2. Lisa Grimes
    3. Good morning to all, I am new to the list, and wondering if anyone would have informaiton, in regard to the slaves once owned by: Nathaniel MOSS (d. 1824) of Lafayette and St. Martin Parishes Levi CAMPBELL (d. 1817) of Lafayette and Vermilion Parishes. As of 1820, St. Martin Parish Census, Nathaniel MOSS was listed with 19 slaves...but no specifics. Upon his death, it is believed that his slaves were re-located with his children, or sold. At this time I do not have Census records for Levi CAMPBELL, but he also owned several slaves, and it is my understanding that some slaves were re-located within Levi's family, or sold. My reason for joining this list, and posting, is because I happen to be a direct descendant of both of these men, and I also happen to have cousins of mixed ancestry who are looking to find "something" in the way of a list of well as some information about them. Any assistance on this matter will be greatly appreciated, Lisa Grimes ---------- Descendant of: Nathaniel MOSS m. Joanna JOHNSON _ \ Joseph MOSS m. Marie Clarice "Clara" THIBODEAUX _ _ \ Alexander MOSS m. Martha Orr RICE --and-- Levi CAMPBELL m. Sarah WATKINS _ \ Martha "Patsy" CAMPBELL m. Samuel Russell RICE _ _ \ Martha Orr RICE m. Alexander MOSS

    06/03/2010 04:37:45