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    1. My deepest apologies to the list
    2. April White
    3. [email protected] This information is six years old! The above list member wrote me and told me the article about the CD-ROM published by Loisiana State University I sent to this list to try and help others break through the slave records written in other languages was basically too old to be of any value to anyone. If others feel the same way, so sorry. But for the 13 members who gained a GREAT deal of value from it, you are so very welcome. YOU are who I was trying to help. One of you even got the disc, and took your family back another 90 years using it, CONGRATULATIONS! That's what I call success!!! Good for you, and keep up the good work. Let's quit tearing each other down with negativity. I have found 100 year old books/files/biographies/compiled genealogies from all over and was SO VERY GRATEFUL for the kind soul who shared it so freely to help others. April S. White-Broughton, --------------------------------- Talk is cheap. Use Yahoo! Messenger to make PC-to-Phone calls. Great rates starting at 1¢/min.

    05/15/2006 04:25:59