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    1. [LA-FREEDMEN] "GF" = Griff/ used to describe "color" in slave schedule
    2. freedbyluvv
    3.      Greetings list, while doing slave research in 1850's De Soto Louisiana, I came across "GF" as a term to describe some of the enslaved people. Not "B" for Black, or "M" for mulatto, but "GF". See link above, John Jordan, 2nd coloumn, and his neighbor designated a few people as "GF"s. Upon further research, I learned this term was used in the 1800's to describe a person's color as the following:    "The designation gf appears in the original census and is the symbol for the word griff.  This is a word used in early Louisiana to identify the "offspring of a negro (sic) and a mulatto."  If a person was too light to be a Negro and too dark to be a mulatto, they were considered a griff.  Paul Drake, J. D., A Dictionary of Historical Terms for Genealogists (Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, Maryland, 1994) p. 107.      So I'm passing this information on in case anyone else comes across this abbreviation in their research.   ---April.

    07/10/2011 11:29:39