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    1. [LA-CENSUS-LOOKUP] Carl V Roth 1910 and 1920 Census Louisiana
    2. I am searcing for records on my maternal grandfather. I know he was born in or around 1897 and that he was married to Margaret Bourg and living in New Orleans. My mother was born in 1923 so hoping the 1910 and the 1920 census my give a clue about his parents. Some think he was from Washington Parish (north of New Orleans) but I have no proof. Some say the middle initial "V" is for Von and that his birth surname was Von Roth but stopped uning the Von during WWI because of anti German sentiments. ____________________________________________________________ 53 Year Old Mom Looks 33 The Stunning Results of Her Wrinkle Trick Has Botox Doctors Worried

    06/28/2012 08:18:33