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    1. Re: [LA-CENSUS-LOOKUP] Edward Francis Irvine
    2. Hi Marguerite, I don't know if you received a reply to your request but if not, you would have better luck by subscribing to the Caddo Parish mailing list, where Shreveport is located, and send your request there. To subscribe to that list, send an email to: [email protected] with the single word subscribe in the message subject and body. Then send your request to [email protected] If you don't want to subscribe to a mailing list, you can post your question on the Caddo Parish message board here: _ .caddo/mb.ashx_ ( At that site, you will need to register with a username and password if you don't already have one. Good Luck, Marilyn --------------------original message--------------------- In a message dated 6/5/2011 11:12:36 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes: Is there any one who could check the Shreveport newspaper archives for a newspaper article about the death of my great grandfather, Captain Edward Francis Irvine who died March 9, 1879 in Shreveport? He was an important member of the town and there should be something in the newspaper about his death. He was a steam boat captain there. Please help me if you can. I don't know anyone else to contact to help me. I live in a different state and am too elderly to make a trip there. Thank you. Marguerite

    06/09/2011 12:32:27