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    1. [LA-CEMETERY-PRESERVATION] Rootsweb Lists
    2. Mike Flannigan
    3. This is a test of the Rootsweb lists I am on. It is also some information for the list administrator if they feel the list is not running as expected. And finally it is an attempt to get something posted to the list so Rootsweb does not turn the list off. The list admin should probably go to this page: and try to set up a new mailman login, if not already done. If you do that you will probably get to this page eventually: Then you might want to sign up for this list: But be warned, you will receive postings from that list almost every day.  May 8 a day at times. Another option that I do not encourage is to turn the list over to me - at least temporarily.  Again, I do not want that done if you are willing to keep the list. Mike Flannigan

    05/06/2018 06:19:25