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    1. [LA-CEMETERY-PRESERVATION] Updates to Louisiana Cemetery Preservation
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    3. The Louisiana Cemetery Preservation wikispace has closed due to wikispaces transfer from a FREE site, to a paid site. Various formats are being explored for presentation. It is difficult to find one format that suits, the discovery of unknown, abandoned cemeteries, photographs, maps, and transcript information without paying for a private website. This effort is solely maintained in free time, without funds. FREE. While the old files from the wiki were preserved the various forms of information will require some time to process into the new website. The social media platforms vary; flickr,pdf news files, transcript information, cemetery reports, emails, the mailing list --etc including the twitter and facebook profiles and don't forget the blog. While all of that information is being sorted and looked at for presentation -- a few vital pieces of information are being presented. Louisiana Cemeteries in the News can be found on Facebook and will be updated here: Louisiana Cemetery Preservation

    07/05/2015 02:16:38