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    1. [Kohnke] Announcement from LIST ADMIN
    2. I am happy to announce a new list at Rootsweb. The ORPHAN-TRAINS Discussion List is for the discussion of the ORPHAN TRAINS that carried thousands of children to new homes in any and all states and anything pertaining to them covering the time periods of 1850's to 1930. Discussions pertaining to anything related to these children, circumstances, finding their families, history of these trains, etc. are encouraged. To join ORPHAN-TRAINS-L, send mail to: with the single word subscribe in the message subject and body. To join ORPHAN-TRAINS-D, do the same thing with It is not necessary to subscribe in both modes. There is an ORPHAN-TRAINS List home page where you can review the list rules and guidelines and find links to related sites.

    11/17/2002 07:41:11