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    1. [Kohnke] List mail not arriving
    2. > I wasn't getting list mail for a while so I went to the archives Dear listers, Our list server was out of commission for several days last week before last and over the weekend. It was a hard disk failing to load after the new server was installed and brought online. Tim, our trusty techie, got it taken care of and now it's working fine. However, much mail is still in the queue from while it was down. List mail may come out of order and this is why. ALSO: Currently, the archives are having the hiccups. It may appear that the messages are *not* arriving at the list archives, but rest assured they are there, but just invisible. Or so Tim tells us! It is a known problem and it is being worked on. For further updates, please check the *yellow box* at the help desk. Sharon, List Admin

    08/26/2002 11:46:31