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    1. [KINKEAD] Kinkeads/Kincaids owed money by Florida
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. Can't go directly to Florida's page; you'll have to enter the surname and search. But there are ten KINKEADs and 158 KINCAID/KINCAIDEs: My sister and I received the last of the claimed monies from our parents' estates yesterday-- $463 each. Cost to file the claim= $5 for a death certificate and 42ยข for a stamp. We've called in close to $9,000 from the state over the thirty years since my dad died and the ten since mom passed away, mostly forgotten utility deposits, stocks erroneously thought defunct, small account interest, etc. Worth a look in YOUR state. State Treasurer's Office usually. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    07/31/2008 03:50:45