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    1. Ancestry's WW2 Draft Reg card file problem
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. This was posted by a CG (Certified Genealogist) to another List. FYI on this--- Quoted from another list: --------------------------------------------------------------- This is to let you know that the new World War II (TWO) Draft Records on <> have been scanned wrong and are very misleading. This is the problem I tried to describe to the APG-L list last fall when I had viewed the microfilms at NARA in Washington and is inherent in the way the film was done. For example, see and you will see Anthony Scalise from ERIE, Pennsylvania on the top card and on the bottom is the back of a card with descriptive information and the draft board stamp of PHILADELPHIA. This is not the back of the card that is on top!! In order to microfilm the cards, two cards were photographed at the same time. The front of one was filmed in the same frame as the back of the previous card so that the actual back of the information is cattycorner on the film to its front. I was able to copy the correct back from the microfilm that belonged to Anthony (and with the correct draft board) by copying the bottom of the next frame. Of course in the Ancestry database this continuity has been lost. When I heard that Ancestry was putting the scanned images up I wanted to see if they knew to separate the top and bottom and assign them to their correct corresponding cards. This entails some work but I would rather see the new database taken down than to propagate misinformation and have the unsuspecting masses wonder what their grandfather was doing in Philadelphia (or Alaska, or Arizona, or.) when he never left town. (end of quote from other List) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ancestry subscribers can go to , click the "Community" tab and be presented with a problem email form. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    06/01/2006 02:27:49