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    3. Cousin Doug- Happy to hear from you! Since you chose to participate in the first place, I'll take it as an oversight that you did not direct your post to the K-list as well, and post it there myself, since it is very revelatory. Many thanks, Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL ----- Original Message ----- From: Douglas Kincaid To: Leslie McConachie Cc: Kincaide, Norman (LNG-CSP) ; SueLiedtke ; Ruth Cherecwich ; Richard N. Kinkead ; William R. Kinkead Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2005 3:02 PM Subject: Kincaid Lineage Leslie and all, Thank you for your post on the Kincaid's of Louisiana. First let me apologize to Richard and Bill for not responding to their earlier posts. I find it very interesting that we are a perfect match on our 37 marker DNA test. I have no clue where that match occurs. A strong possibility would be the Andrew that Leslie discusses in her post of 8/11/05. Could his family match in Illinois or further back? I do believe that John W. Kincaid's father was that Andrew "Kincaide". On the 1830 Ouachita Parish Census he is listed as "of 30 and under 40" and on the 1840 Caldwell Parish Census he is listed as "40 under 50". That would put his birth date between 1790 and 1800. I have not found him on any other Census records in Louisiana. Looking at both Census records, he had at least the following children: 1 daughter under 5 (b.1835-1840) 1 son and 2 daughters 5-10 (b.1830-1835) 2 sons and 1 daughter 10-15 (b.1825-1830) 1 son 15-20 (b. 1820-1825). That gives us a total of 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls. There may have been others. I believe that Andrew was born in Illinois, because of the reasons you stated. I also believe that he married in Louisiana in the early 1820's. An interesting side note is a newspaper article written in the 1940's about early Franklin Parish settlers that stated Andrew came to Franklin Parish from Arkansas. I suppose the family could have moved from Illinois to Arkansas prior to his settling in Louisiana, however I can find nothing to verify the story. In 1850 John W. "Kingcaide" (My GGF) and wife Jane were living in the home of Jordan Whatley in Franklin Parish with their ages listed as 23 and 19 respectively. In 1860 John (age 33) is listed next door to A. J. Kincaid (age 30) in Franklin Parish. A. J. Kincaid had a son Lee Andrew (among other children) age 4 years. They are still next door to each other in 1870. John age 42 and A. J. age 41 (Lee age 13) In 1880 John W. (age 55) is listed in Franklin Parish with many children and NEPHEW Lee age 24 years. I believe that John and Andrew J. were brothers and at least "two" of the children of Andrew (senior). John W. also named one of his sons Andrew. John was born in 1827 and Andrew J. was born in 1829. I also have the information on Caroline, Robert and Elizabeth (possible children of Andrew). I also have Andrew's wife's name as Elizabeth. Because of this and other information as stated by Leslie, I believe that Andrew is the "father" of our family in Louisiana. As you can see, I have two "stone walls". One is proving Andrew had children named John W. and Andrew Jackson (Caroline, Robert and Elizabeth); the other is proving Andrew was born in Illinois. (The family possibly moved to Arkansas, but Andrew definitely arrived in Louisiana in the early 1820's.) I would be glad to have ANY information, files, etc. you may run across on this Andrew or the Kincaid's of Louisiana. Thank you for your contributions. Doug Kincaid #4073

    08/13/2005 09:57:59