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    1. [KINKEAD] Kincade Reunion -- August 1927
    2. Mary Hart
    3. Following is an article I found in a Princeton, Missouri, newspaper dated August 10, 1927. This isn't my family but I do know some of the descendants of those who attended. Annual Reunion of the Kincade Families The annual reunion of the Kincade families was held Sunday in a grove near Moravia, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Washington Kincade, the foreparents of the family, were former residents of Mercer County. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Johnson were present at the dinner and Mr. Johnson made a speech, giving the history of the Kincade family. An interesting program of songs and speeches was carried out in the afternoon. About 100 relatives were present. Those who went from here were Mr. and Mrs. Don Gillett, Mrs. James Ormsby, Mrs. C. W. Ormsby, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Lima, Mr. and Mrs. Orley Trent, Mrs. Russell Trent and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Johnson

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