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    3. Kincaid-listers, This is the sort of thing we LIVE for! I did some internet searching and found out that I have a 104-year-old Kinkead cousin alive, well and memory-intact in Colorado Springs. She's the daughter of Nina Lulu Kinkead, a long-lost and extremely difficult-to-find (as married female cousins tend to be) ancestor whom I discovered by simply searching for graves of people named NINA in Nebraska. And up she popped, married to a fellow named Dan Phelps. Florence was one of her daughters who married a gentleman named Harold Hidy. On first glance one would think "Hidy" would be and unusual name, easy to find. Nope. Like the various spellings of Kincaid, Hidy is a version of Heide, a common German surname, so the are quite a few around. I wrote a letter to the address given on the white pages site enclosing a pic of my gggf, Robert Willis Kinkead, and look what I received in the e-mail from her granddaughter (who must be about my age). I am just absolutely tickled pink right now! As it happens I have another Kinkead cousin living right up the road from Cozad, NE, where she and family are buried, and he agreed to stop in while in the vicinity and photograph the graves for me. And the letter below completes the connection! Now there's just one more line to find (and there's so much sadness in it, I may just let it go). Dick Kinkead DNA# 2562 Lantana, FL ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 10:44 AM Subject: kinkead family Hi. My name is Christine ________ and I am a granddaughter of Florence M. Hidy. She was very excited to receive your letter and wants me to tell you that you are the first Kinkead relative to ever contact her for information. I am the current family researcher and am also excited as we have very little information on the Kinkead line. We don't have any information on any of James Wylie's brothers or sisters. Grandma had information about some of her mother's cousins: Emma Kinkead Groendycke and her children, Alice and Richard "The Kinkead girls" as listed in an old address book. They were two sisters who lived at 3636 Dinsmore Ave, Seatle, Washington and never married. The family tree for Nina was fairly accurate. James Wylie's wife's name was really Rosanna. One census taker apparently reversed the name. Florence Marion is the only surviving child. She had 4 children. Verna, Charles, James, and Margaret. Charles died as a young child. My father is James. I can fill in the death dates of Florence's brothers and sisters and many of the descendants if you are interested. For her 100th birthday, most of the cousins and descendants gathered in Colo. Springs. It was a great celebration. We also had an interesting family celebration in 2003. It was Nina and Dan's 100th anniversary, Florence and Harold's 75th, James and Lavonne's 50th, and James R. and Wanda's 25th anniversary. Four generations 25 years apart! However, my niece was already married and my nephew still isn't married so the chain is now broken. We didn't know there was a chain until we were preparing family information for display for my parents 50th. I will email a photo of James Wylie and Rosanna and their three older daughters. Cora and Eva died of consumption. Carrie lived with Nina and family to help with the children. She was a nurse and was engaged, but knew she had a health problem so never married, but was engaged until she died, then he continued his life. Thanks for your interest. Christine

    05/30/2007 06:05:04