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    1. [KINKEAD] Kinkeads/Kincaids owed money by Nebraska
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. There is one KINKEAD (Julia) and there are nine KINCAIDs owed by Nebraska. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    07/31/2008 04:18:57
    1. [KINKEAD] Kinkeads/Kincaids owed money by New York
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. There are fifteen KINKEADs and fifty-one KINCAIDs owed money by New York state (unless Eliott Spitzer spent it on you-know-whom). Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    07/31/2008 04:11:07
    1. [KINKEAD] Kinkeads/Kincaids owed money by North Carolina
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. North Carolina requires an entry at this link. The video by the state treasurer who wants you to think of this as a gift from him (he sounds slimier than John Edwards). Just "pause" or "mute" him. John Kinkead was my brother. I don't know who the other (Dawn) KINKEAD is, and there are 160 KINCAIDs. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    07/31/2008 04:03:27
    1. [KINKEAD] Kinkeads/Kincaids owed money by Florida
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. Can't go directly to Florida's page; you'll have to enter the surname and search. But there are ten KINKEADs and 158 KINCAID/KINCAIDEs: My sister and I received the last of the claimed monies from our parents' estates yesterday-- $463 each. Cost to file the claim= $5 for a death certificate and 42ยข for a stamp. We've called in close to $9,000 from the state over the thirty years since my dad died and the ten since mom passed away, mostly forgotten utility deposits, stocks erroneously thought defunct, small account interest, etc. Worth a look in YOUR state. State Treasurer's Office usually. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    07/31/2008 03:50:45
    1. [KINKEAD] Kinkeads/Kincaids owed money by Iowa
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. GET IT before Tom Harkin steals it! I notice that a previous poster on this list, Travis Kinkead, is one of the listed property owners above. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    07/31/2008 03:37:15
    1. [KINKEAD] Kinkeads/Kincaids owed money by Illinois
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. GET IT! Don't let O'Bama spend it! I'd particularly like to find the two children of Mary Ellen (Wielock) Kinkead of Marengo. They'd be fourth cousins of mine. She died in 1995. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    07/31/2008 03:30:24
    1. [KINKEAD] David Calvin Kinkead
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. Would love for David Calvin Kinkead to pop up on this list. He's the only male descendant of David/Lydia known to me. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    10/19/2007 08:14:13
    1. [KINKEAD] Brick wall: Another one bites the dust!
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. Kincaid-listers, This is the sort of thing we LIVE for! I did some internet searching and found out that I have a 104-year-old Kinkead cousin alive, well and memory-intact in Colorado Springs. She's the daughter of Nina Lulu Kinkead, a long-lost and extremely difficult-to-find (as married female cousins tend to be) ancestor whom I discovered by simply searching for graves of people named NINA in Nebraska. And up she popped, married to a fellow named Dan Phelps. Florence was one of her daughters who married a gentleman named Harold Hidy. On first glance one would think "Hidy" would be and unusual name, easy to find. Nope. Like the various spellings of Kincaid, Hidy is a version of Heide, a common German surname, so the are quite a few around. I wrote a letter to the address given on the white pages site enclosing a pic of my gggf, Robert Willis Kinkead, and look what I received in the e-mail from her granddaughter (who must be about my age). I am just absolutely tickled pink right now! As it happens I have another Kinkead cousin living right up the road from Cozad, NE, where she and family are buried, and he agreed to stop in while in the vicinity and photograph the graves for me. And the letter below completes the connection! Now there's just one more line to find (and there's so much sadness in it, I may just let it go). Dick Kinkead DNA# 2562 Lantana, FL ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 10:44 AM Subject: kinkead family Hi. My name is Christine ________ and I am a granddaughter of Florence M. Hidy. She was very excited to receive your letter and wants me to tell you that you are the first Kinkead relative to ever contact her for information. I am the current family researcher and am also excited as we have very little information on the Kinkead line. We don't have any information on any of James Wylie's brothers or sisters. Grandma had information about some of her mother's cousins: Emma Kinkead Groendycke and her children, Alice and Richard "The Kinkead girls" as listed in an old address book. They were two sisters who lived at 3636 Dinsmore Ave, Seatle, Washington and never married. The family tree for Nina was fairly accurate. James Wylie's wife's name was really Rosanna. One census taker apparently reversed the name. Florence Marion is the only surviving child. She had 4 children. Verna, Charles, James, and Margaret. Charles died as a young child. My father is James. I can fill in the death dates of Florence's brothers and sisters and many of the descendants if you are interested. For her 100th birthday, most of the cousins and descendants gathered in Colo. Springs. It was a great celebration. We also had an interesting family celebration in 2003. It was Nina and Dan's 100th anniversary, Florence and Harold's 75th, James and Lavonne's 50th, and James R. and Wanda's 25th anniversary. Four generations 25 years apart! However, my niece was already married and my nephew still isn't married so the chain is now broken. We didn't know there was a chain until we were preparing family information for display for my parents 50th. I will email a photo of James Wylie and Rosanna and their three older daughters. Cora and Eva died of consumption. Carrie lived with Nina and family to help with the children. She was a nurse and was engaged, but knew she had a health problem so never married, but was engaged until she died, then he continued his life. Thanks for your interest. Christine

    05/30/2007 06:05:04
    1. [KINKEAD] Kincade Reunion -- August 1927
    2. Mary Hart
    3. Following is an article I found in a Princeton, Missouri, newspaper dated August 10, 1927. This isn't my family but I do know some of the descendants of those who attended. Annual Reunion of the Kincade Families The annual reunion of the Kincade families was held Sunday in a grove near Moravia, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Washington Kincade, the foreparents of the family, were former residents of Mercer County. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Johnson were present at the dinner and Mr. Johnson made a speech, giving the history of the Kincade family. An interesting program of songs and speeches was carried out in the afternoon. About 100 relatives were present. Those who went from here were Mr. and Mrs. Don Gillett, Mrs. James Ormsby, Mrs. C. W. Ormsby, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Lima, Mr. and Mrs. Orley Trent, Mrs. Russell Trent and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Johnson

    09/11/2006 07:04:19
    1. Rootsweb changing its mail system
    2. On Wednesday, August 23, the Kinkade, Kinkead and Kincaid lists on Rootsweb are currently scheduled to be migrated to a new Rootsweb mail system. The biggest change is that the -L will be dropped from the List name and will no longer appear as the sender. For those of you who have spam filters, the correct address will need to be entered on your allowed list. A change for some subscribers is that the few who subscribe to both the individual mails and the digest forms of list mail will only be able to receive one. By default, you will receive the individual mails and not the digest. If you wish the digest instead of individual mails, you might want to fix up your subscription to delete the individual receipt of mails. More on this to follow as needed, and I really hope this does not create another AOL/Rootsweb problem. Ruth Cherecwich List Administrator

    08/14/2006 05:56:14
    1. Fw: [KINCAID] Kinkeads in AZ
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. K-listers, There are eight KINKEADS included, all of the same MISSOURI branch; none mine unfortunately. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL ----- Original Message ----- From: "Kathleen French" <> To: <> Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 9:37 AM Subject: [KINCAID] Kincaids in AZ > Anyone looking for Kincaids in Arizona will want to take a look at the > following website. There is a searchable database with PDFs of birth and > death certificates for Births up to Year 1930 and Deaths up to Year 1955. > > > > Kathleen French >

    06/28/2006 04:05:43
    1. News for Kincaid kilt-wearers
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. K-listers, I just happen to need some new work socks. Couldn't find any I liked in the stores. Was browsing my Bass Pro Shops catalog and found some special wool-blend hunting socks that looked like they might fill the bill for daily walk-intensive wear-- $9.95/pr. Ordered one pair to see whether I liked them enough to get a dozen and just thought I'd try the snake boot socks and high-rise wader socks, too; also $9.95 a pair. Not only are these wonderful socks (Red Head brand 73009004), but the waders are 1. a color pair that goes perfectly with the Kincaid tartan: dark green over light green 2. the dark green uppers are supposed to go over the knee but for kilt wear they'd just fold down like we're used to 3. they stay up perfectly without flashes but go nicely with red or black ones 4. of course, white or tartan argyle are proper with evening wear, but these are great for daywear At Scottish Games at southern venues, these will be more comfortable than the all wool ones, and for those like me who wear a polo shirt with the kilt in warm weather, these are very appropriate. Dick Kinkead Lantana, FL

    06/21/2006 12:28:08
    1. Ancestry's WW2 Draft Reg card file problem
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. This was posted by a CG (Certified Genealogist) to another List. FYI on this--- Quoted from another list: --------------------------------------------------------------- This is to let you know that the new World War II (TWO) Draft Records on <> have been scanned wrong and are very misleading. This is the problem I tried to describe to the APG-L list last fall when I had viewed the microfilms at NARA in Washington and is inherent in the way the film was done. For example, see and you will see Anthony Scalise from ERIE, Pennsylvania on the top card and on the bottom is the back of a card with descriptive information and the draft board stamp of PHILADELPHIA. This is not the back of the card that is on top!! In order to microfilm the cards, two cards were photographed at the same time. The front of one was filmed in the same frame as the back of the previous card so that the actual back of the information is cattycorner on the film to its front. I was able to copy the correct back from the microfilm that belonged to Anthony (and with the correct draft board) by copying the bottom of the next frame. Of course in the Ancestry database this continuity has been lost. When I heard that Ancestry was putting the scanned images up I wanted to see if they knew to separate the top and bottom and assign them to their correct corresponding cards. This entails some work but I would rather see the new database taken down than to propagate misinformation and have the unsuspecting masses wonder what their grandfather was doing in Philadelphia (or Alaska, or Arizona, or.) when he never left town. (end of quote from other List) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ancestry subscribers can go to , click the "Community" tab and be presented with a problem email form. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    06/01/2006 02:27:49
    1. Message from List Administrator
    2. The following message is posted on the Rootsweb Help site. Please read and remember. Thank you. Ruth Cherecwich 1 Faked mail: 2006-05-02 Fake mail addressed from RootsWeb Abuse Department It has come to our attention that RootsWeb is suffering from a low-life attempt to infect its users by sending them to an infected website. Basically, if you see mail that is reputedly being stated as being from the RootsWeb Abuse Department and telling you to confirm your email by clicking a link, then just delete it. Please DO NOT click the link. Thanks.

    05/05/2006 10:04:36
    1. Re: Kincaid Lineage
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. Cousin Doug- Happy to hear from you! Since you chose to participate in the first place, I'll take it as an oversight that you did not direct your post to the K-list as well, and post it there myself, since it is very revelatory. Many thanks, Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL ----- Original Message ----- From: Douglas Kincaid To: Leslie McConachie Cc: Kincaide, Norman (LNG-CSP) ; SueLiedtke ; Ruth Cherecwich ; Richard N. Kinkead ; William R. Kinkead Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2005 3:02 PM Subject: Kincaid Lineage Leslie and all, Thank you for your post on the Kincaid's of Louisiana. First let me apologize to Richard and Bill for not responding to their earlier posts. I find it very interesting that we are a perfect match on our 37 marker DNA test. I have no clue where that match occurs. A strong possibility would be the Andrew that Leslie discusses in her post of 8/11/05. Could his family match in Illinois or further back? I do believe that John W. Kincaid's father was that Andrew "Kincaide". On the 1830 Ouachita Parish Census he is listed as "of 30 and under 40" and on the 1840 Caldwell Parish Census he is listed as "40 under 50". That would put his birth date between 1790 and 1800. I have not found him on any other Census records in Louisiana. Looking at both Census records, he had at least the following children: 1 daughter under 5 (b.1835-1840) 1 son and 2 daughters 5-10 (b.1830-1835) 2 sons and 1 daughter 10-15 (b.1825-1830) 1 son 15-20 (b. 1820-1825). That gives us a total of 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls. There may have been others. I believe that Andrew was born in Illinois, because of the reasons you stated. I also believe that he married in Louisiana in the early 1820's. An interesting side note is a newspaper article written in the 1940's about early Franklin Parish settlers that stated Andrew came to Franklin Parish from Arkansas. I suppose the family could have moved from Illinois to Arkansas prior to his settling in Louisiana, however I can find nothing to verify the story. In 1850 John W. "Kingcaide" (My GGF) and wife Jane were living in the home of Jordan Whatley in Franklin Parish with their ages listed as 23 and 19 respectively. In 1860 John (age 33) is listed next door to A. J. Kincaid (age 30) in Franklin Parish. A. J. Kincaid had a son Lee Andrew (among other children) age 4 years. They are still next door to each other in 1870. John age 42 and A. J. age 41 (Lee age 13) In 1880 John W. (age 55) is listed in Franklin Parish with many children and NEPHEW Lee age 24 years. I believe that John and Andrew J. were brothers and at least "two" of the children of Andrew (senior). John W. also named one of his sons Andrew. John was born in 1827 and Andrew J. was born in 1829. I also have the information on Caroline, Robert and Elizabeth (possible children of Andrew). I also have Andrew's wife's name as Elizabeth. Because of this and other information as stated by Leslie, I believe that Andrew is the "father" of our family in Louisiana. As you can see, I have two "stone walls". One is proving Andrew had children named John W. and Andrew Jackson (Caroline, Robert and Elizabeth); the other is proving Andrew was born in Illinois. (The family possibly moved to Arkansas, but Andrew definitely arrived in Louisiana in the early 1820's.) I would be glad to have ANY information, files, etc. you may run across on this Andrew or the Kincaid's of Louisiana. Thank you for your contributions. Doug Kincaid #4073

    08/13/2005 09:57:59
    1. Re: [KINKEAD] Re: KINKEAD-D Digest V05 #7
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. Betsy- While we love our -keads, the place to post this is the . That's where you'll get results, especially for Pennsylvania Kinkeads. Dick Kinkead Lantana, FL ----- Original Message ----- From: <> To: <> Sent: Monday, July 25, 2005 10:55 AM Subject: [KINKEAD] Re: KINKEAD-D Digest V05 #7 > Looking for descendants of the Kinkead family from County Tyrone, N. > Ireland. The Griffith's Valuation (1847-1865) lists Eliza Kincaid (most records for > family show KINKEAD), lived in townland of Tarlum, Parish of Drumragh. > My great grandmother, Elizabeth Kinkead Alexander, is descended from this > family. She immigrated to the US in 1869 and settled in Pittsburgh, PA. > Thanks, > Betsy

    07/25/2005 06:21:26
    1. Re: KINKEAD-D Digest V05 #7
    2. Looking for descendants of the Kinkead family from County Tyrone, N. Ireland. The Griffith's Valuation (1847-1865) lists Eliza Kincaid (most records for family show KINKEAD), lived in townland of Tarlum, Parish of Drumragh. My great grandmother, Elizabeth Kinkead Alexander, is descended from this family. She immigrated to the US in 1869 and settled in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks, Betsy

    07/25/2005 04:55:09
    1. Daryl D Kinkead of Gering Nebraska
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. Searching for siblings and descendants of Daryl D. Kinkead, son of Walter H. Kinkead, grandson of John W. Kinkead, ggs of William D. Kinkead, gggs of Joseph Kinkead. He died in 1999 but was listed in the 1994 directory for Gering, NE. This Daryl D. Kinkead is third cousin to Darrel D. Kinkead late of Marengo, IL.

    07/20/2005 06:27:08
    1. Walter Kinkead John Wesley Kinkead
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. Looking for descendants of WALTER KINKEAD of Kansas/Nebraska, son of JOHN WESLEY KINKEAD of Jewell, KS. I can fill in many of your blanks, name your living cousins, and have a photo of your ancestor aunt. Dick Kinkead 2562 Lantana, FL

    06/29/2005 06:30:54
    1. DNA roundup
    2. Richard Kinkead
    3. Fellow ClanKsters- We all know (or think we know) why, but the DNA project page put together by Peter Kincaid of Canada is gone. The Family Tree DNA pages list no names. It's time for a roundup. Richard Neil Kinkead # 2562 -Robert Miller Kinkead 1923-1979 --George Washington Kinkead 1895-1987 ---Robert Lewis Kinkead 1868-1958 ----Robert Willis Kinkead 1817-1898 -----Joseph Kinkead 1793-1879 More later, but I'm late for work now.

    04/02/2005 07:22:41