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    2. Hi Mary, You might want to consider subscribing to the Kincaid mail list. The Kincaid list has many researchers who work on the name Kincaid of all spellings trying to sort out our roots. Over the years we have found that Kincaid, Kinkade, Kincade, Kinkead, Kingcaid and a host of other spellings are really all the same name. The name has kinda morphed due to people spelling it differently and then keeping it that way. It's like my surname - some members of the family use the middle c and others do not. But in either case, the name is nothing like the original. If you post to the Kincaid List, the most helpful idea would be to take your earliest known Kinkade and write about that couple - the timeframe, location etc. In that way, enough information is thrown out to the researchers so that they can dig into their data for you to see if they can help. We are not always successful in helping but we sure do try. I also research the Kinkade name and my earliest known Kinkade was spelled Kinkead/Kincaid - we aren't sure. He was killed on Jackson River in VA in 1756. The name then became Kinkade. Good luck, Ruth Cherecwich In a message dated 4/1/2008 11:33:09 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time, writes: These are the names I have in my line - husband/wife - and the approximate year they were born. As I have searched, I see that the Haas- Kinkade, etc originated in so many countries and once here, spread out to so many states. People have contacted me that had relatives with those names but they didn't seem to be in my line. That is why I listed the ones I do have, hoping someone also has these same people and information that we can share. I love doing the research and love having the internet to access all the records and individuals who are also working on this. Thank you for asking for clarification. Mary **************Create a Home Theater Like the Pros. Watch the video on AOL Home. (

    04/02/2008 02:53:15