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    1. Eleaver Kinkade 1841-1923
    3. I previously had his name as ELEAZER. Does anyone else have him in their data base? Can anyone doing the Dna find him? From the Death Certificate for Eleaver Kinkade MISSOURI STATE BOARD OF HEALTH #26491 Place of death: Noyes Hospital, Saint Joseph (City), Buchanan Co., MO PERSONAL AND STATISTICAL PARTICULARS male, white, married to Rebecca Kinkade birth: Nov 23rd 1841, Marion, Ohio age at death: 81 years 10 months 1 day occupation: retired farmer father: James Kinkade, born Virginia mother: Mary Elloit [sic], born Virginia informant: J.A. Kinkade, Altamount, Missouri MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF DEATH date of death: Sept 24th, 1923 I hereby certify that I attended deceased from Sept 15, 1923, to Sept 24, 1923, that I last saw him alive on __________, and that death occurred, on the date stated above, at 10:40 a.m. cause of death: valvular heart disease; duration, 10 yrs contributory: enlarged prostate gland; duration, 6 yrs. operation precede death: yes; Sept. 18, '23 signed: H. _________M.D.*; Sept 24, 1923; St. Joseph, Mo place of removal: Altamount, Missouri date of burial: Sept. 25, 1923 undertaker: W. Meierhoffer by . . . James A. Moles; address, 824 Felix *Submitter's Note: The handwriting of the signing physican was unreadable.

    05/28/2006 11:52:34