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    1. [KING-TN] Important Notice for AOL Users
    2. George W. Durman
    3. From time to time, we List Administrators have problems with subscribers to our Lists whose email server is AOL. This note is sent to explain the problem and to attempt to help AOL users correctly configure their email settings. The AOL mail system uses both a "Black List" and a "White List". The Black List contains those email addresses that the user does NOT want to receive email from; the White List contains those email addresses that the user DOES want to receive email from. The problem with AOL's system is that if a user puts, for example, the address in his/her Black List, and JohnQPublic is a subscriber to a Mailing List at Rootsweb, then AOL, for some reason, rejects all email from the List. If you're an AOL user, PLEASE make sure you don't "Blacklist" any List subscribers, AND make sure you have put the email address of the Mailing List(s) in your "White List". Thanks, Sarge

    04/18/2007 05:18:11