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    1. [KING-TN] David KING in NC and TN
    2. George W. Durman
    3. Hello L. U.: My wife's mother was a KING. The farthest back we have been able to trace her line is to a William B. KING; b.1776, in NC; m.Elizabeth RHEA, abt.1808, in NC. We have only one child for William and Elizabeth, Andrew "Andy" KING, my wife's g-g-grandfather. Sure wish we could find out more about her KING ancestry too. Our KING families of NC ended up, first, in Blount and Sevier Counties of TN, then spread out, it seems, to Knox, Monroe, Loudon, and other Counties. There are several KING families in the early days of Washington and Greene Counties, but we've never been able to connect to them. We have a David, but he was the son of Andrew "Andy" KING and Elizabeth HENDERSON. David was born abt 1845, so would have been too late for your David. Andrew and Elizabeth had one other child that we know of, Elisha "Lish" KING, who is my wife's g-grandfather. Please keep in touch. Who knows! Maybe we'll tie all those NC KING families together some day. Regards, George At 17-04-07 02:48 PM Tuesday, L U Weston wrote: *********START OF ORIGINAL MESSAGE TEXT********* >King Query > >1. DAVID1 KING was born in Rockingham Co., NC. He married >ESTER BAKER 25 May 1813, daughter of JOSEPH "JOBE" BAKER. >My mother, granddaughter of Ester Baker King said: Grandmother Blair >(King) ['s father?] was name Inslee. Inslee C. King. U.S. Marshal of >Eastern Dist. of Tenn. Knoxville. So the question is was Esters >fathers name David or Inslee? If not, then who was Inslee King? > >The United States Marshal Office in Tennessee was established on January >31, 1797. The Eastern District of Tennessee was formed on February 13, >1801, when Congress divided the Tennessee District, created in 1797, >into two Districts: the Western District and the Eastern District. The >Middle District of Tennessee was later created on June 18, 1838. The >following is a listing of Marshals for the Eastern District of Tennessee. >King, Inslee C. May 24, 1921 (C) >January 4, 1926 (C) >February 10, 1930 (C) Flenniker (C. A.) >The following translation of abbreviations applies to the list: >"R" - Recess appointment date >"S" - Senate Confirmation date (used from 1789-1903) >"C" - Commission date (used from 1903 to present) >"C.A." - Court Appointment date >"A.G." - Attorney General appointment date > >Child of DAVID KING and ESTER BAKER is: >2. i. SALLY SARAH BAKER2 KING, b. 28 Jul 1816, Rockingham Co., NC; d. >1890, Surry Co., NC. > >Does anyone have any information on this family? > **********END OF ORIGINAL MESSAGE TEXT***********

    04/17/2007 11:34:11