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    1. [KING-NC] AOL Users - Problems with Question Marks in Your Posts
    2. George W. Durman
    3. This is a subject that has been aggravating many recipients of email from users who are AOL subscribers. The problem is that AOL causes question marks to be randomly inserted into the text when viewed by non-AOL users. This is most annoying when viewing posts to these Mailing Lists. It also shows up in private posts, depending on the email browser being used by the recipient. As many (including me) have suspected, it is a problem with the AOL users' configuration within the AOL email program. When AOL upgraded hardware and software recently, the changes caused some problems with AOL users' configuration settings. J. Young posted a "fix" for this problem on the Listowners Mailing List and any of you who are AOL users should follow the instructions and make sure you have the proper settings. ========================================== On the AOL's WEB MAIL on the Mail Page, behind the words "AOL Mail" ,in very small print, is a link to "Settings." Use the following steps: 1. Click on "Settings". 2. Look below the "Back to Mail" button; there is a list that includes: General, Accounts, Compose, Spam Controls, Calendar, Instant Messenger. 3. Click on "Compose". 4. From the resulting list, REMOVE the check mark from in front of "Use Rich Text/HTML Editing". 5. Click on the "tab" for "SAVE". 6. Then Click on "Back to Mail". ========================================== Please make correction if you are going to post to one of the Mailing Lists at Rootsweb. (As a matter of fact, until AOL "fixes" the problem, I would suggest that you make the change for all your emails, because I've received personal email from AOL users where those dang question marks show up randomly all over the text. It makes reading the text extremely difficult.) Regards, Sarge (George W. Durman) List Administrator

    08/31/2007 10:47:08