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    1. [KING-NC] GEDCOMS-What You Need To Do
    2. George W. Durman
    3. Ever since I posted that I would accept GEDCOMs (.GED files), I have been inundated with files, the senders asking that their family trees be added to the Germanna Families database at Rootsweb. I have a problem! It is extremely difficult to add other researchers' databases to our main Germanna database if those who send such .GED files haven't made sure that their databases adhere to normal standards for database construction. What I mean is, if you send me a GEDCOM and it is full of errors as far as construction is concerned, it takes me hours, even days, to correct it so that I can add it to the main database. Examples: 1) You enter "places" as: Podunk, VA Podunk, Virginia Podunk, Whatever County, VA Podunk, Whatever County, Virginia Podunk, Whatever Co., VA Podunk, Whatever Co., Virginia 2) You don't enter surnames in your databases in capital letters. It makes it a lot easier to concentrate on surnames if you put them in your database in ALL CAPS. 3) You enter dates such as 3/4/1890. How in the #*^*(* are we to know if that means 03 Apr 1890, or 04 Mar 1890? You are free to use whatever date convention you wish, whether its Day/Month/Year, or Month/Day/Year, just don't use NUMBERS!!!!! The American standard has been to use Month/ Day/Year, while, at the same time, most genealogy researchers (and everyone else in the world) use the Day/Month/Year. Whatever convention you use, don't use a number for the Month!!!!! Dang it, how hard is it to type in 11 Dec 1876, or Dec 11 1876, instead of 11-12-1876, or 12-11-1876? Give us a break! Etc., etc., ad infinitum. Can you see that you must adopt a standard format for entering places and dates in you databases? I really don't care what format you use, but you must use the same format throughout your database!!!!! Let's get it together and use a standardized format for place names! Look at your database. How many different forms of the same place name do you have there? Is there any reason that you can't use ONE standard format for place names? I don't care if you have "just" copied place names from other databases on Ancestry/Rootsweb, when you incorporate them into your database, make adjustments, make corrections, put them right! If you want to enter a person's birth, marriage, or death place as a certain town, look up the county where that town is located and include the COUNTY in the "place", (If you were using a "good" genealogy database program, you would have access to a "Place Finder", which would tell you where any town/city was located. I'm just tired of having to correct place names, where the originators of the databases have used multiple place names, all different (but the same place), and can't seem to use ONE common place name. For Heaven's Sake, why can't you decide one on ONE common place name? Yes, attention to detail is very desirable when entering data into your computer database program. If you're serious in this genealogical study, why can't you be serious in how you enter data into the database? Continuing to be an "Arschloch", I challenge you to "get it right"! Sarge

    01/21/2009 07:17:15