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    2. The Kincaid Rootsweb List was very valuable for me and many others and we want to thanks all who contributed documents and other information to the list. Also want to apologize and clear up errors in posting I did years ago concerning my ancestor John Kincaid/Kinkead. In several posts I referred to our John as the Captain John who was first a sergeant at Elk Garden Fort in Washington County, VA. This was based on information from several sources including one of my distant cousins who wrote several articles about my line that received wide distribution. No Kincaid researcher ever questioned that my John was Captain John however when we were researching to get documents to prove Michael Joseph Kinkead descended from David/Winifred Kinkead/Kincaid we came to realize that it was more likely that David's son John was the Captain John of Elk Garden Fort and the one who widened the Wilderness Trail to Kentucky. Elk Garden Fort was only about 5 miles from David's son John's land and about 2 0 miles from my John's land. Also found that Virginia paid the John who helped widen the Wilderness Road was paid in Washington County, VA while my John had moved to Kentucky in Winter of 1779 documented by Rev. War application of my John's brother James Kincaid who said he helped move my John and family in Winter of 1779 and even though he did not sell his 300 acres on the Clinch River in then Washington County he did not appear on any further Washington County Tax lists. I had also relied on the book The Wilderness Road by a Robert Kincaid, died 1960, that stated that my John Kincaid was the one who did the Wilderness Road work but I suppose that he had relied on the many early articles that stated my John worked on the Wilderness Road. Indeed my John lived near the end of the Wilderness Road in Kentucky and could have overseen the work but the information we came up with does not indicate this. We also knew that my John and David/Winifred bought land in Washington County the same year of 1765 but did not know in early research that David's son John also bought land there in 1765. Anyway it is my hope that future researchers who access the Kincaid@Rootsweb mailto:Kincaid@Rootsweb archives will not rely on my posts that I now believe were in error. I learned to do research with an open mind and not just look for information on your ancestors in a given area but to see if there are others that have the same name! Thanks to all who have contributed to the Kincaid List and especially to Ruth who had served as admin for many years! Don W Kincaid Dna Kit 1427

    02/26/2020 07:23:11