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    2. Interesting info. -------- Original Message ---------- From: "James Miller Kit 356313 via Groups.Io" <[email protected]> To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]> Date: December 5, 2019 at 12:01 AM Subject: Re: [R1b-U106] FTDNA Family Trees One has to understand that the map of the United States today is not the same as what the Colonies where back then. You can have ancestors that were born in one State and died in another but never actually moved from the location they were born!!!!!! This is a map of the USA in 1790, James Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Jim Adams mailto:[email protected] Sent: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 9:27 PM To: [email protected] mailto:[email protected] Subject: Re: [R1b-U106] FTDNA Family Trees If you've ever been to Ft. Bragg, you understand the dying in Fayetteville metaphor. Griz On Wed, Dec 4, 2019, 20:47 J C <[email protected] mailto:[email protected] > wrote: More: It seems that EVERY entry for "Cumberland County, VA" has been converted to "Fayetteville, NC" On Wed, Dec 4, 2019 at 7:32 PM J C <[email protected] mailto:[email protected] > wrote: > > Yes, nearly all of my Virginia relatives (First Thanksgiving at Berkeley, 1619; First Permanent English Settlement, Jamestown,1607.....yes, that Virginia) show as being born or died in Fayetteville, NC. > > > > Now, as Charles can attest to a fellow Virginian, this is nothing short of Blasphemy! > > North Carolina!!?? NEVER! > > > > Anyhoo, it would appear that FamilyTreeDNA's FamilyTree2.0 aint yet fixed. > > > > Jim > > > > _._,_._,_ --------------------------------------------- Links: You receive all messages sent to this group. View/Reply Online (#720) | Reply To Group mailto:[email protected]?subject=Re:%20Re%3A%20%5BR1b-U106%5D%20FTDNA%20Family%20Trees | Reply To Sender mailto:[email protected]?subject=Private:%20Re:%20Re%3A%20%5BR1b-U106%5D%20FTDNA%20Family%20Trees | Mute This Topic | New Topic Your Subscription | Contact Group Owner mailto:[email protected] | Unsubscribe [[email protected]] _._,_._,_

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