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    1. Thomas KEWN & Jessie LEWIS, dau Beatrice KEWN of Ormskirk married David Kerr DRYHURST
    2. Amanda Taylor
    3. Dear Don & Donna, Thankyou both for your emails regarding the KEWN & DRYHURST Family from the Liverpool area. Regrettably I still have not found a connection to your grandmother Beatrice Kewn (daughter of Thomas KEWN & Jessie LEWIS) who lived in Ormskirk and married David Kerr Dryhurst in Liverpool on March 31, 1904 in Liverpool and immigrated to Canada in 1908. What you kindly shared regarding the Kewn's definately made sense, but regrettably I have yet been unable to find a connection to the following family in the 1851 Census as hoped : Toxteth Park 1851 Census at Z/11/115/MANN STREET/10 COURT NO 6/ J/THOMAS/KEWN/HEAD/MAR/28//SHIPWRIGHT/LAN/LIVERPOOL/ J/ELIZABETH/KEWN/W/MAR//27//LAN/LIVERPOOL/ J/JOHN/KEWN/SON//.417///LAN/LIVERPOOL/ J/MARGARET/CRIGHTON/VISITER/W//21//LAN/LIVERPOOL/ I have posted a copy of this email to the KEWN Mailing List, in the hope that another KEWN researcher has a connection and/or further information for you. Wishing you and your families all the very best for 2005. With Kindest Regards, Amanda --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? All your favorites on one personal page – Try My Yahoo!

    01/16/2005 07:17:21