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    1. Roll Call & KEWN's from Liverpool, Lancashire to USA
    2. Amanda Taylor
    3. Hi Everyone First of all I would like to introduce you to a new KEWN cousin, Jean Shadid (nee Ward) of Bayberry Circle, Germantown, Wisconsin 53022 USA Jean's great-great grandfather was Philip Kewn (b, 24 December 1817 - 26 Dec 1892) who married Jane CLARK nee ROSS (second marriage for both ). Jean is a descendant of their daughter Jane Quayle (Jennie) KEWN (b.1859 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England ) who married Joseph Smith VANCE The family immigrated Abt 1865 from Liverpool, England to USA, resided near Newcastle, Pennsylvania USA and settled in Fairbury, Illinois, USA Jane Quayle KEWN had half-siblings sister Capitola aka Captitola "Cappi" PEARSON nee KEWN (b.1862) who married George Green PEARSON (family resided in New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA) and half-brother James Carroll KEWN (b.1852) believed to have married Emmie RANKIN This list as you know is very quite, as most listers now correspond with me directly, so I thought a Roll Call might be an idea to see if anyone has progressed further and where we all are in our KEWN research Remember post to the list from time to time, so others can learn about your KEWN ancestors and perhaps connect our families. So lets see those ancestors of yours being posted to the list. Don't forgot those dates and locations. Who can you find? Who can't you find? What documentation can you find, and what documentation can't you find? If you have a personal website or have your GEDCOM posted on the Internet why not give us link so we can have a look see. Make your subject line relevant to your message. Names, dates, and locations are always nice. If you are not directly replying to a previously posted message please start a new one with a subject line relevant to your message. If you are directly replying to a previously posted message please remove all old posts and taglines. If you like leave the most recent -- or a snip of the most recent one for reference. If you get lost you can always search the archives for previously posted messages at Wishing you all every success with your research. Amanda (in Sydney, Australia) My Homepage : My Rootsweb database : --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Music: Check out the gig guide for live music in your area

    07/11/2006 05:24:30