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    1. [KENTUCKIANA] MyHeritage - Marriage records FREE till Feb 22
    2. Julie
    3. Sorry I didn't check it out earlier - it's legit Free Access to Marriage Records for Valentine's DayThe greatest love story is not from the movies or a book, but from our own lives. To celebrate Valentine's Day, we have a special gift for all of you. We're offering free access to all marriage records on MyHeritage, during February 10–22, 2019, so that you can learn more about your family's love storiesFree Marriage Records for Valentine’s Day! | | | | | | | | | | | Free Marriage Records for Valentine’s Day! Do you know the love stories of your ancestors? How did your great-grandparents meet and get to know each other?... | | |

    02/19/2019 08:39:14