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    2. David Railton
    3. I have a record of the baptism of an Ann Kearche: Ann Kearche, daughter of Adam Kearche and Angelica, born 12.05.1813, bap 30.05.1813, St Mary, St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London Ann appears to have had 2 children, father unknown: Robertella Kearche, dau of Ann Kearche, born 02.01.1838, bap 25.10.1838, Old Church, St Pancras And Lawrence Kearche, son of Ann Kearche, born Mar 1841, bap 09.12.1841, Old Church, St Pancras The same people can be found in London in later years with different names: Ann as Ann Keith Lawrence as Lawrence Keith Robertella as Ella Keith. I think I have all there is from the census and GRO. Does anyone on this list know anything of them? David

    12/26/2008 07:15:37