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    1. Re: [KEARSE] Carolyn Lightsey Kearse Obituary
    2. This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Author: phillipkearse Surnames: KIERSE/KEARSE/KERSE/KERSEN/KIERSEN Classification: queries Message Board URL: Message Board Post: Dear Vanessa, Thank you so very much for posting my mother's Obit. My Y-dna results still reveal the greatest match to the Dutch and Frisian people of the Netherlands. My Great Uncle Faber Weissinger Kearse in his Bio circa 1936 claimed to be of Dutch descent. Has any other Kearse/Kierse come forth with their Y-dna results yet? If this fact be correct then we are from John Kierse of New York City 1735 whose sons seem to be our George,William , and Jacob. Mary Spencer Kearse seems to have been his daughter. I shal be in Brooklyn next Fall to do research in the Dutch Reformed Church records from this period. It is quite clear that even though Kersen and Kiersen waas the name, they also recorded frequent use of Kierse, Kerse, Kearse in many newpaper articles and books from the early 1700. Jan Kiers and Wouter Keirs were the first over from Drenthe, anfd the family claims that they are the source of all early kierse/ kearse in America. Keep me informed. I shall share my Y-dna with any other Kearse/ Kierse who lets me examine their result. I had NO results in common with the Kersch,Kersh,Kirsch. Kirsh Y-dna project in America, therefore Ifeel we can rule them. There still are many Kiers family members in Northern Netherlands. I hope to encourage them to have their DNA shared in the near future. Thanks, Phillip Kearse Important Note: The author of this message may not be subscribed to this list. If you would like to reply to them, please click on the Message Board URL link above and respond on the board.

    09/07/2012 11:29:57