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    1. Keens in Idaho
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    3. >>> On Nov 20, 1968 a baby boy was born to parents in Pocatello, Idaho. He was delivered by Dr. Robert Rush at Bannock Memorial Hospital. He was immediately placed for adoption by his teen parents. His birth name on adoption papers was baby boy Keen. On foster papers, he was called Steven Kelley. He is purportedly half American Indian & half Caucasian (adoptive parents were told Italian). He is of very tall stature. >>> >>> Based on his year of birth, I would suggest his birthparents were born 1951-1953. >>> >>> He is a friend of mine & is a well adjusted, educated, professional man with a family of his own. He would love to connect with his birth family and learn more about his heritage. If you have any connections or would care to share this with friends or family, he would be most grateful! I hope you can help! Contact me at <>. ---a YOUNG genealogist, HUNTERing & TAYLORing a tree with more branches than an OAK, stumbling through MARSHes & PITTS with loud SHOUTDs & DOUBTs in search of four different lines of SMITHs. ADAIR say, it's been DeLong time MOSEYing about ringing BEALLs, FEIGHTNER indians & FREEMANs in HOPE of finding related GALLAGHERs, HAMMETTs, STITZLEINs, SIMPSONs & various Armenian links

    01/04/2015 03:21:16