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    1. Listowner Roll Call
    2. Laura & Brad Koehn
    3. Greetings Researchers, Now that the holidays are behind us, how about getting into some serious genealogical research. As Listowner, I am calling for a "Roll Call". Everyone is welcome to post the particular lines that they are working on to the list. Be sure to include all vital information with your query, such as birth, death, and marriage dates and places. Don't forget to include maiden names, if known. There are lots of new researchers this time of the year (affectionately dubbed "newbies"), so let's all be patient, understanding, and helpful. Below are some examples of some good and bad subject lines. Examples of GOOD subject lines: (Be descriptive--but short) Subject: John SMITH 1865-1734 Cleveland, OH Subject: John SMITH b.1865 OH md. DIRKS Subject: John SMITH md. 1885 OH Maggie DIRKS Examples of POOR subject lines: Subject: Looking for SMITH Subject: New subscriber post Subject: Johan SMITH Subject: Need help! Don't forget to post to the GenConnect boards for this surname as well. If anyone needs help with this mailing list or the GenConnect boards, please contact me. Good luck with your searching! Laura, Listowner

    01/01/2000 09:53:31